Choosing the Data that Supports Your Agenda: A Look at Ray 2010

This post summarizes our research review, which provides a critical analysis of Ray (2010). Click HERE to read a more in-depth version of the arguments presented. In 2008, Dr. Brian Ray conducted a study on homeschoolers’ academic achievement using their scores on standardized tests. The results of the study were … Continue reading

Why Self-Policing Is Not Sufficient

As a homeschooling mom beginning my second year of formal homeschool instruction, I rely heavily on blogs as resources. I read blogs written by other individuals who are homeschooling their children, communities of homeschooling parents, and communities of homeschooled alumni. Occasionally some news outlet will publish an article about abuse … Continue reading

How My Parents’ Homeschooling Methods Empowered Me to Follow My Dreams

I recently strolled down homeschool memory lane, googling the titles of fondly-remembered novels, asking my mom for an inventory of her closet stuffed with educational board games, recalling how one co-op teacher tied calculus to cryptography. My amble through the past reminded me that successfully homeschooling children — as my … Continue reading

The Homeschool Math Gap: The Data

The question of how homeschooled students fare academically has been raised countless times over the past three-and-a-half decades. Numerous volunteer-based studies have compared homeschooled students’ percentile scores on standardized tests with the national average and other studies have approached the issue from other angles, but few researchers have asked a … Continue reading