Statement Regarding California’s Senate Bill 277

For Immediate Release: Homeschooled Students Should Not Be Left Out of State Vaccination Requirements Canton, Ma., 4/28/15—California currently allows parents to exempt their children from the state’s vaccination requirements if they have personal objections to vaccination. Senate Bill 277 would eliminate this exemption and require all California schoolchildren to be … Continue reading

How to Obtain a Homeschool Transcript

A high school transcript lays out what courses a student has completed, what credits they have obtained, and what grades they have received. Students homeschooled through an umbrella school or correspondence school will often receive a transcript from that institution, as will students homeschooled through a virtual charter school or … Continue reading

Statement Supporting Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry and Michigan’s HB 4498

For Immediate Release: Michigan Takes a Step Forward in Protecting Homeschooled Children Canton, Ma., 4/21/15—Last month, Stoni Blair, 13, and Stephen Berry, 9, were found dead in a Detroit freezer, and their two remaining siblings bore signs of severe maltreatment. The children were allegedly subject to long-term abuse by their … Continue reading