Statement on Texas Supreme Court Homeschool Decision

For Immediate Release: Texas Supreme Court Sends Homeschool Case Back to Lower Courts Canton, Ma., 6/29/2016—On Friday, June 24, the Texas Supreme Court issued its ruling in a long-standing dispute between a homeschooling family and a local school district. Although the court had the opportunity to clarify the responsibilities of school districts with … Continue reading

Roianna: “I think complete dysregulation is dangerous and harmful”

“While I was researching what I would need to do to homeschool, I was stunned to find that in Texas homeschooling is completely unregulated. . . . Professionally I am a counselor. [At one point] I was working with people struggling with substance use disorders and trapped in poverty. . . . A sizeable portion had left school because their parents pulled them out, allegedly to homeschool them.” Continue reading