Rachel Coleman, Co-Founder, Executive Director, & Director of Research

Rachel Coleman is a Ph.D. candidate in history at Indiana University. Rachel was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school in Indiana, where her parents were on the board of a regional homeschool organization, the Southwestern Indiana Home Educators Association. In 2010, Rachel completed her M.A. thesis at Ball State University, titled “Ideologues, Pedagogues, Pragmatics: A Case Study of the Homeschool Community in Delaware County, Indiana.” In early 2012, Rachel was invited to be present at the founding of the International Center for Home Education Research. In 2013, deeply moved by several high profiled deaths of children in homeschool settings, Rachel co-founded Homeschooling’s Invisible Children with Heather Doney. Rachel is currently working on a dissertation on the role of children and childhood in the rise of the Christian Right.

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