House Bill 58 a Boon to Kentucky Homeschooled Students

For Immediate Release: Access to public school athletics programs provides homeschooled students with substantial benefits Canton, Ma. 02/17/2017—House Bill 58, which would allow Kentucky homeschooled students to participate in public school athletics programs and was filed by Kentucky Representative Stan Lee, is currently before the House Education Committee. “We are … Continue reading

Governor McAuliffe: Sign House Bill 1578

For Immediate Release: Access to public school athletics programs provides homeschooled students with substantial benefits Canton, Ma. 02/17/2017—Homeschooled students in Virginia have long been barred from participating in public school athletics programs governed by the Virginia High School League, but that may finally be changing—if Gov. Terry McAuliffe does not … Continue reading

Public Funding for Homeschooling Must Come With Accountability

For Immediate Release: The success or failure of public funding for homeschooling rides on how it is structured Canton, Ma., 02/17/2017—Over the past year, the question of public funding for homeschoolers has garnered increased attention. This past September, Donald Trump promised to create a school choice program that included homeschooling; … Continue reading

Natalie Finn’s Death Points to Lack of Homeschool Oversight in Iowa

For Immediate Release: Recent Iowa child abuse fatality is not the first to implicate homeschooling and abuse Canton, Ma., 01/03/2017—On October 24, 2016, sixteen-year-old Natalie Jasmine Finn died after suffering years of starvation and abuse. Natalie, who lived in West Des Moines, Iowa, was homeschooled by her parents, Nicole Marie … Continue reading

2016 Homeschool Athletics Survey

ABSTRACT: This survey involved 150 homeschool graduates, who were asked about their athletics participation and perspectives on homeschool athletics. Respondents were located through homeschool advocacy groups’ facebook pages; this survey likely oversampled individuals with negative or mixed homeschool experiences. Respondents were asked what athletics programs they participated in while being homeschooled; whether … Continue reading

New Homeschool Data Raises Questions about STEM Access

For Immediate Release: New data released by the NCES sparks concern over homeschoolers’ STEM access Canton, Ma., 11/7/16—To date, most research on homeschooling has been limited by its reliance on volunteer convenience samples, because few states collect or report data on homeschooling. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) publishes some … Continue reading

Sarah M.: “These assessments turned out to be easily avoided”

“Although Pennsylvania had homeschooling oversight on the books, they failed to reliably enforce it. Even within my local school district I knew families with vastly different experiences with the district office” I‘m the oldest of six children, raised in a conservative Christian family that homeschooled until I was sixteen. My … Continue reading