Public Funding for Homeschooling Must Come With Accountability

For Immediate Release: The success or failure of public funding for homeschooling rides on how it is structured Canton, Ma., 02/17/2017—Over the past year, the question of public funding for homeschoolers has garnered increased attention. This past September, Donald Trump promised to create a school choice program that included homeschooling; … Continue reading

Statement Supporting the Report of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

For Immediate Release: Commission’s Proposal Aims to Support Homeschooled Children Canton, Ma., 3/6/15—On March 6, 2015, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission presented its final report to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. The report contains recommendations that parents of homeschooled children with significant emotional, social and/or behavioral difficulties create individual education … Continue reading

Statement Opposing West Virginia’s HB 2793 and SB 444

For Immediate Release: Removing Accountability is Detrimental to Homeschooled Children Canton, Ma., 2/26/15—With House Bill 2793 and Senate Bill 444, West Virginia stands poised to remove legal provisions which have protected homeschooled children in the state from educational neglect for the past three decades. “The changes these bills propose are … Continue reading

Statement Supporting Kentucky’s Decision to Track Homeschool Transfers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Homeschooling Should Not Be Used to Pad High School Graduation Rates Canton, Ma.—Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday recently announced that his department will begin tracking the number of high school students who withdraw to be homeschooled. The state raised its compulsory attendance age to 18 beginning in … Continue reading

Virginia School Boards and the State’s Religious Exemption

Recent events in Goochland County, Virginia, have pitted religious homeschooling parents against the right of their children to have their religious beliefs heard. In Virginia, parents can homeschool through their local school district, with annual notification and testing or portfolio review, or they can obtain a religious exemption from school … Continue reading

Kentucky to Consider Sports Access Bill

In Kentucky, homeschools are legally considered private schools. Local school districts may allow private school students (including homeschooled students) to enroll part-time or to participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics. However, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) requires student athletes to be “full time” students at the school they represent, and prohibits them from being enrolled in … Continue reading

Pennsylvania’s HB 1013 is Bad for Homeschooling

Eleven states include a portfolio option in their homeschool law. Under this option, homeschool parents put together a portfolio of each student’s work which is then reviewed and evaluated by a qualified individual. CRHE supports such evaluations because we believe accountability is healthy and good for homeschooling families and communities. … Continue reading