Donate to CRHE

Donate to CRHE

OUR MISSION is to raise awareness of the need for homeschooling reform, provide public policy guidance, and advocate for responsible home education practices.

OUR VISION is for homeschooling to be a child-centered educational option, used only to lovingly prepare young people for an open future.

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Coalition for Responsible Home Education
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Hear from Our Donors

“I donate to Coalition for Responsible Home Education because I know that they understand that homeschooling can be a wonderful experience with loving parents who care deeply about the quality of their child’s education. CRHE cares about helping every homeschooled child to be just as safe and well educated as I was.”
   ~ Sereres Johnston, monthly supporter

“As a pastor, homeschool alumnus, and educator at the college level, I’ve been a continual supporter of CRHE’s mission to advocate for safe and quality education for students.”
   ~ David Ketter, supporter

“I am so glad to find an organization fighting for responsible home education. As a homeschooler & homeschooling parent, I think that nothing will help raise the credibility, quality, equity & experience of all homeschoolers like quality research, oversight and regulatory standards.”
   ~ Nate Shivar, monthly supporter