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Academic Achievement

While we know that students who are homeschooled can succeed academically, we know little about how well the average homeschooled student does academically or whether homeschooling can be credited for the success of those who are high achievers.

What About Socialization?

The socialization homeschooled students receive varies widely. Some have large social networks and active social calendars, but not all are involved in such a wide array of social activities and some do not receive the level of socialization they need.

Homeschool Outcomes

While homeschool graduates who attend college tend to do well, there are indications that homeschooling depresses college attendance. Beyond what we know about college performance, we have little data on the lives of homeschool graduates.

Our Research

Research that is honest about exploring the strengths and weaknesses of homeschooling has the potential to help improve homeschooled students’ experiences. In addition to conducting our own research, we conduct analyses of existing research.

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