• Homeschool statute: Parents must file annual notice with the local superintendent, provide required hours of instruction in “the subjects required of public schools as a basic instructional program,” and maintain attendance and immunization records. There are no parent qualification or assessment requirements.

Homeschool Statute

“A home school is the instruction by a parent of his child, stepchild or ward in his residence.” See Mont. Code Ann. §§ 20-5-102(2)(e) and 20-5-109.

Notification: Parents must annually notify the county superintendent of their intent to homeschool.
Qualifications: None.
Days or hours: For grades 1, 2, and 3, 720 hours of instruction each year; for grades 4 through 12, 1,080 hours of instruction each year.
Subjects: Parents must provide “an organized course of study that includes instruction in the subjects required of public schools as a basic instructional program.”
Bookkeeping: Parents must maintain attendance and immunization records and make both available for inspection by the county superintendent upon request.
Assessment: None.
Intervention: If annual notice is not provided, children will be considered truant. Failure to educate is included in the state’s definition of neglect. If a family is reported to the Child & Family Services Division for educational neglect, that agency may open an investigation and involve the county superintendent. In this case, parents must demonstrate that they are providing the required hours of instruction in the required subjects of instruction.
Other: Comply with local health and safety regulations.

Services Available to Homeschooled Students

Part-time enrollment: Yes, at the district’s discretion.
Extracurriculars: Yes, at the district’s discretion. 
Special needs: No. While public schools must offer special needs evaluations to all students within their districts regardless of what school they attend or whether they are homeschooled, public schools in Montana have no obligation to provide additional services to homeschooled students with special needs.
Other: n/a


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