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Emily wrote on 6 June, 2018:
I grew up being homeschooled by parents who did not have the time to homeschool me resulting in an education no higher then the 8th grade- now I am struggling to learn what i need to so i can take the GED test. I think the CRHE is a very important thing to support, there are more children then you would think that have had educational neglect.
Anthony Miller wrote on 3 June, 2018:
I was homeschooled K-12 and absolutely regret the experience. The totally unregulated environment for homeschools in Kansas meant that I had a very poor and spotty education.
Sheila wrote on 22 May, 2018:
There needs to be more oversight! Educational neglect has lifelong consequences. If left unchecked, negligent homeschooling can derail a person's future.
Amanda Bennett wrote on 18 May, 2018:
I was homeschooled until college, and I am extremely concerned by the lack of government oversight and regulation in homeschooling. Homeschooling can be isolating, which leaves children vulnerable, and I believe homeschool children should be protected from abuse and educational neglect.
Jacqueline H. wrote on 15 May, 2018:
I fully support the CRHE because I have firsthand experience dealing with educational neglect. Homeschooling can be great but there needs to be oversight. Children are frequently under-educated and under-socialized. Let's consider the rights of the children vs. the rights of the parents.
Nakia Jackson wrote on 27 April, 2018:
I homeschool my son, and want homeschooling to be a healthy, nurturing alternative to conventional schooling options. I want support services available to homeschooling parents who might be struggling, and oversight to prevent neglect and abuse.
Abigail Boyd Abbott wrote on 17 April, 2018:
I was homeschooled K-12, and I fully support legislation to protect children in homeschooling environments. While I received a decent education as a homeschooler (my mother was previously an elementary public school teacher), I have spoken to many fellow homeschoolers who were undereducated in areas that effected their efforts to succeed in higher education. Homeschooling is also extremely isolating, and without oversight, lends itself to be the perfect environment for abusers to damage their children. Just like slaves should not be โ€œpropertyโ€ of another human being, children should not be considered โ€œpropertyโ€ of their parents to do with what they wish. Children should be ensured a proper education, a healthy childhood, and an abuse-free environment in which to life. They should not be robbed of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness merely because they are under 18. I fully support legislation (and advocacy efforts) that promote this cause. All...
Shahelle wrote on 15 April, 2018:
Katie wrote on 11 April, 2018:
David Menkes wrote on 11 April, 2018:
I was homeschooled from 3rd-8th grade in California and absolutely regret the experience. My education was fine when it came to English and Math subjects, but woefully inadequate when it came to the arts and sciences. Add to that the backwards religious fundamentalism that made me think the government was out to persecute me, and as others have said, ineffectual abstinence-only sex education which resulted in getting a girl pregnant when I was 17. Homeschooling needs more regulation and oversight to protect kids!
Katherine Wuthrich wrote on 4 April, 2018:
As with all schools there should be better oversight and protection for children being home schooled. The case of the Turpin children and recently the Hart family is proof that there should be some kind of system developed to provide checkups and stringent monitoring of homes and parents teaching their children. Both of these cases who that when left unchecked children can be sexually and physically abused. All children deserve to be safe and protected
Allison Urback wrote on 1 April, 2018:
LINDA MYRING-HANSEN wrote on 30 March, 2018:
Dear CRHE, First, thank you so much for what you are doing. Helping undereducated, or worse, abused children is one of the most important social issues facing our young today. I am a 23 year, public school teacher with masters degree in educational technology. Next year I plan to retire and teach part time to home schooled children. In my experience, many families will abuse their children if there is no oversight organization watching. In the public school setting I have reported many cases of serious abuse that would never have been revealed in a home school environment. Frequently, the classroom teacher is the only advocate protecting the abused or neglected child from a life of slow torture. I hope I can help home schooled students and families in the future. Not as a police but as a supporter to help parents who may not be equipped to deal with...
Bianca Julien wrote on 23 March, 2018:
I am an advocate of homeschooling because of the freedom it allows the parents to have over their childs education. I am not a supporter of parents who abuse that freedom and put their children at risk of various things. Thank you for this and all that you guys do. How are children going to be our future if we allow certain parents set them up to fail?
Pixy Elliott wrote on 20 March, 2018:
We need legislation to ensure ALL home schooled children get the education they deserve. Some parents can and will home school their children successfully, others will not. All home school advocates should welcome oversight to ensure no child falls through the cracks.
Kandyce l crane wrote on 8 March, 2018:
Iโ€™m 26 years old, and have JUST really broken out of my codependent, infantlizing, biblical headship - Quiverfull- homeschooling family. Iโ€™m only beginning to realize the extent of damage Iโ€™m facing. Abstinence based sex-ed resulted in my beautiful wonderful life changing daughter, but in hand with her came a shotgun marriage to a relapsing addict/alcoholic - Iโ€™m finally divorced after the longest 3 years of my life - and with that broken commandment came levels of ostrozation I never knew possible. So here I am, bred to breed, no college education, unqualified, applying for my first secured credit card to repair my unspeakable credit score I didnโ€™t even know I was supposed to check... Iโ€™d make a great housewife if Iโ€™d only stop questioning things and submit (and find a man dumb enough to attempt supporting a Quiverfull In todayโ€™s dual-income required economy)
Shay wrote on 18 February, 2018:
I am a survivor of homeschooling. I would love to see the day that this tool for abuse is actually regulated. I would love to connect with others who can understand my past ordeal.
Cheryl L Nunn wrote on 15 February, 2018:
I am a 63 year old new single mom that recently adopted 2 girls. I know first hand from their experience how important it is to have teachers and others involved to do mandatory reporting and not alow lax parents to home school or avoid school when there is crimminal behavior!
Theresa Rezentes wrote on 21 January, 2018:
Lahring wrote on 20 January, 2018:
I was brainwashed by my wife to allow her to home-school our children. Now 17 years later and on the brink of divorce there are no transcripts or test records or anything I can use to try to transition my children to a different educational model. She says she knows where the kids are at and I should just trust her. She refuses to drive now and unless I take my kids to church or elsewhere they do not leave the house. This is difficult as I am the only breadwinner. She has been playing school for 17 years and now my children are going to pay for it. They do not have emotional intelligence to deal with the outside world. I am on a crusade to not let what happened to the older child happen to the younger ones.
Alicia wrote on 20 January, 2018:
As a child I was trafficked and exploited by my parents. Homeschooling was used as a tool to keep me isolated and prevent others from noticing the signs of abuse. It was like being held captive in my own home. I am so happy to hear that there is a movement to protect these at risk children and I offer my full support. Thank you for the work you are doing.
Kay Smith wrote on 19 January, 2018:
We have to protect our children. There is nothing wrong with homeschooling children, for a variety of reasons. Nor is it anyone's business to decide those reasons. But the children are still citizens of the freest nation on earth and they deserve those rights and protections. There needs to be a national, not state, mandated oversight of homeschooled children. The many horror stories from child abuse to being poorly prepared for the world around them needs to come to an end. I fully support our right to raise our children as we see best and have myself been homeschooled and homeschooled my children. I was shocked at the complete lack of oversight. I had nothing to hide and would have welcomed anyone who wished to visit, especially unannounced. I would have also welcomed educational guidance, and even went to the school system requesting it. Because I truly want my children...
Sarah Dick wrote on 18 January, 2018:
As a homeschool student from 3rd-5th grades and a reserved child, I watched my social life dwindle after 2nd grade to the circle of folks in our homeschool co-op. Isolation in an environment of Puritanical horror of the human body sharpened the pain of puberty, but the worst part was digesting the sexist, racist, backwards attitudes in the conservative Christian textbooks my loving parents bought but probably didn't closely read. No, actually, worse by far was the abuse and manipulation of children and wives by husbands in the co-op who thought homeschooling was a ticket to kingship. Children went without medical treatment, fathers stole daughters' diaries and forbade them friends, women told girls it was ok when husbands silenced them because "they were the authority." It took the wives being complicit for this to work, which gave me a dim view of women for a while. Bravo CRHE. Hereโ€™s to...
ROBERT L. LEWIS wrote on 18 January, 2018:
Mathieu Vadon wrote on 17 January, 2018:
It is unthinkable that in a civilized country, children are denied the protection from the social services for their most basic rights. The laws that your association is fighting for should be an obviousness for anybody able of human empathy.
Sarah Drosendahl wrote on 9 January, 2018:
I'm so glad to know this organization exists, that I'm not alone in seeing this problem, where well-meaning parents can still give their children a less-than-adequate education, that the isolation can feed into abusive situations. I'm proud to support a group that is taking action for these children.
Amber Pettet wrote on 2 January, 2018:
So I came from a very fundamentalist Christian household. My parents started out as rather mainstream Christians and gradually became more and more insane with religion. And they meddled with our education to the point of basically being truant. Evolution was not to be taught and everything we learned had to be from a Christian perspective. We weren't allowed to have friends because according to my mother's philosophy all the socialization we needed was from each other. Women were considered second-class citizens and only good in the kitchen. When I got into my late teens and was finally allowed to have friends I was not allowed to go see them and my online activity was heavily monitored. This is why I want to become an advocate of responsible homeschooling I'm also working on becoming a social worker. I want to make sure that this barbaric and backwards way of living...
Debra Whitehouse wrote on 27 December, 2017:
A. Smith wrote on 27 December, 2017:
As a graduated homeschool student of severe abuse, there has to be state mandated quarterly checking for all homeschool students one on one with a social worker to ensure in home neglect and abuse doesnโ€™t ensue. People behave poorly with no supervision. Iโ€™m grateful to be alive today. Thank you guys for what you do!!
Samantha Eddis wrote on 17 December, 2017:
I am a home educating parent, home education researcher, private tutor and teacher and I have a vested interest in education. I have researched home education in the UK and the USA and I am currently focused on hybrid home schooling and flexi-schooling. I support and applaud CRHE's efforts to transparently highlight strengths and challenges in home schooling and in the research created.
Merit Kirkpatrick wrote on 11 December, 2017:
As an advocate for quality home education, I wanted to voice my support for the mission of the CRHE. Editor, NC Homeschool-ology Website
Heidi Thomas wrote on 30 November, 2017:
Educational neglect is child abuse!
Jesse MacKenzie wrote on 29 October, 2017:
Homeschooled children need and deserve legal protection for their health, safety, and education. Without oversight, parents can claim to homeschool as a means to hide abuse, neglect, and failure. This misuse of the freedom to homeschool must be stopped. Even well-meaning, responsible parents can benefit from the guidance and structure that legal protections provide and homeschooling as a whole will have a better reputation if it is well-regulated. Parents should not be placed on a pedestal above the law, since the only real requirement for parenthood is that a person has a functioning reproductive system. This says nothing about the personโ€™s intellectual capacity, level of education, or ability to teach. The myth that parents are always well-intentioned and try their best is clearly disproved by the many cases of murdered and abused children whose stories are chronicled at hsinvisiblechildren.org. These parentsโ€™ intentions were clearly not good enough. Their children needed...
Evan wrote on 21 October, 2017:
I am a survivor of abuse and homeschooling and my family's education method was integral to how they succeeded in controlling me and trapping me in dangerous situations. I am not a supporter of homeschooling, but since it does exist, it desperately needs more oversight and regulation to protect children from abuse and neglect.
Kumar Thapa wrote on 17 October, 2017:
People can take me as someone with dual character because I run a high school while my wife runs a preschool. My first daughter who is turning 12 soon is getting homeschooled recently. Just in a matter of a weeks, I am surprised to see the responsibility she has begun taking in everything.
Jessica Gilsrud wrote on 2 September, 2017:
As a school counselor, I support responsible homeschooling. We must protect our students from abuse and neglect and see to it that they are getting the education that they deserve.
Martha Donohue wrote on 28 August, 2017:
I've noticed people on this site, bringing up the most extreme examples of child neglect and abuse, and then trying to blame it on homeschooling, which is not a cause of abuse or neglect. There are plenty of schooled kids who are also neglected and abused, and it has nothing to do with homeschooling. Most of the problems brought up here, like medical neglect, were not caused by homeschooling. I have homeschooled my 5 kids throughout the years, and I've known many, many other homeschooling families. All the homeschoolers I know, are loving parents who want to keep their kids close to them and protect them from the harmful environment of public school. I don't believe the claims of that public school teacher who says that homeschoolers are always behind in academics when they come back to school. My kids and their friends have always been ahead of schooled kids,...
Luke Douglas wrote on 22 August, 2017:
I support the CRHE's work because it is time to push for accountability in the home education process and advocate for the interests of children.
Angelica Banks wrote on 21 August, 2017:
Erin Donlon wrote on 2 July, 2017:
I have been searching a while for somewhere to vent my frustrations and possibly help to establish change in the homeschooling world. This site seems to be the right place. I I was homeschooled on and off throughout elementary, middle, and high school. My father left our home when I was about four or five and I don't really remember much about him. My mother had extreme anxiety and mental illness. I do not know what her diagnosis is but to receive disability benefits she did receive a diagnosis somewhere in the 1990s. She was extremely over protective and did not want me out of her sight in any way shape or form. She made the decision to homeschool me after I had a a "Bad experience" in preschool. More or less a small boy was walking in on me in the bathroom there, nothing for anyone to overreact to...
Suzy Hayes wrote on 20 June, 2017:
My two grandchildren, ages 6 and 11, are being home-schooled by their mother, who dropped out of school, in the 7th grade. Both children & their mother are illiterate. Their math skills are NONEXISTENT. These poor children have no chance and they will unfortunately continue to be the next generation of lifelong victims & dependent on our welfare system. This IS the true definition of "child abuse" and apparently "The Great State of California" is just fine with it!
Crystal wrote on 16 June, 2017:
I left school from the 6th grade and never went back. I stayed at home, played video games, watched tv, and played on the computer. My mom would tell everyone I was homeschooled. I did no such thing and I was neglected. My mother worked from 7a.m to 7p.m. It wasn't till I was 20 that I went to the Adult learning center and obtained my GED. I know other homeschooled children who have never gone to school and I don't believe the school district office is even aware of their existence. A child who is suppose to be in 3rd grade and the other in 5th.... Yet they write as if they are in Pre-K or Kindergarten. Anyways I believe homeschooling is a Great Idea but should still be monitored, Awarness of Educational neglect, and above all School System to still be able to step in/assist.
Jennifer Garlen wrote on 2 June, 2017:
When our daughter's public school teacher started verbally abusing her in 4th grade, we were glad that homeschooling was an option. In the years since then homeschooling has helped her become a happy, thriving young person, but we know that accountability is key. I'm grateful for the oversight my local umbrella school provides. I WANT to show someone that we're working hard to give our daughter the best education and future possible!
Art Guerra wrote on 5 April, 2017:
there HAS to be some scholastic accountability enacted in the state of Texas to prevent the educational neglect of children. I support responsible home schooling
Kathy Booker wrote on 5 April, 2017:
As a public school teacher, I have seen students "come back" from "home-schooling".... always behind...often illiterate. Children need protection from educational NEGLECT.
Heidi Schoonveld wrote on 5 April, 2017:
Rev. David Ketter wrote on 5 April, 2017:
As a pastor, homeschool alumnus, and educator at the college level, I've been a continual supporter of CRHE's mission to advocate for safe and quality education for students.
Kathy Booker wrote on 10 March, 2017:
I am a retired public school teacher of 30 years. Throughout those decades I never received a formerly "home-schooled" child who had truly been homeschooled. Also, as the mother of one son who failed to work in public school, I pulled him out and oversaw his work at home using Alpha-Omega's Switched-On-Schoolhouse program. Once he had completed the program, he passed the ACT without difficulty. I support MONITORED Pre and Post-tests for each school year for BOTH homeschooled and public schools for EVERY CHILD.
Jessica Bock wrote on 8 March, 2017:
I was homeschooled from 5-12 grade.I support accountability and a way to accurately measure the number of homeschooled students and how they are doing.
Lois Gemignani wrote on 5 March, 2017:
I support responsible homeschooling. I am a retired educator. I know many people who homeschool in a very responsible manner. I also have observed homeschoolers who were not homeschooling, but they said they were to avoid going to court for truancy issues. I read about this coalition in the Washington Post, and I am grateful for your work.
Nate Shivar wrote on 22 February, 2017:
I am so glad to find an organization fighting for responsible home education. As a homeschooler & homeschooling parent, I think that nothing will help raise the credibility, quality, equity & experience of all homeschoolers like quality research, oversight and regulatory standards.
Judy Conway wrote on 22 February, 2017:
The day before Thanksgiving 2015 I was notified that the remains of a child had been found in a shed at the home of Michael and Heather Jones of Kansas City, KS. That day my familyโ€™s world was forever turned upside. It took months to identify the remains of my youngest grandson, Adrian Jones, age 7. My grandson had been abused, tortured, and starved to death and his body fed to pigs by his father (Mike Jones) and stepmother (Heather Jones). Shortly after Adrianโ€™s death I started seeking answers. As Adrianโ€™s grandmother finding answers to how the system failed him has not been an easy endeavor. Mike and Heather used homeschooling as one of the ways to keep Adrian and his two sisters isolated. Kansas is a โ€œnotification onlyโ€ state, in which parents register the name and address of their homeschool with the State Board of Education. Thereafter there is...
Lydia Loehr wrote on 20 February, 2017:
I have six children, I homeschool 3 of them currently. The eldest is in high school and having a wonderful time. The youngest school aged child is attending school due to special needs. I appreciate the opportunity and option to homeschool. I also support quality public education. I strongly agree that homeschooling must be done responsibly and support CHREs recommendations. I think it is important for the credibility of the homeschool movement and more importantly, protects children.
Rebecca Billington wrote on 19 February, 2017:
I am a homeschooling mom and support and welcome homeschooling accountability to protect children from educational neglect.
Rebekah Tilley wrote on 4 February, 2017:
I'm a homeschooling graduate who supports homeschooling accountability.
Sarah Nguyen wrote on 27 January, 2017:
I am a homeschooling mother as well as a homeschool survivor. I am both an advocate of a parents rights to determine what they teach their children (and to what extent it is taught), as well as a victim of the gross abuse that often passes for homeschooling. I do think states should all require specific standards for homeschooling, but I also don't want to be told exactly which curriculum should be taught. Here in Missouri we are required to fulfill 1000 hrs in 5 core areas. I think this is a wonderful law, and would add to that yearly tests. The IOWA basic, for example, would suffice. Thank you for having the courage to demand accountability.
Christine Sheppard wrote on 27 January, 2017:
Religious freedoms are important, but not at the expense of children.
Robyn Knox wrote on 4 January, 2017:
I am a homeschooling mom of 4 and also a pastor's wife. I support and welcome accountability. Thank you.
Loura wrote on 6 December, 2016:
Captain Richard Arlington Briggs, Jr. wrote on 5 December, 2016:
Homeschooler Advocate. Champion. Dad. Clan Dad. Tribal Dad. Granddad. Theatre Arts teacher/facilitator. BSA Lone Scout Counselor. USA Rugby Youth Coach. 30 year US Army Airborne Special Operations Forces "guy" & Combat Veteran. Farmboy from Southeastern Iowa, now retired guy in Central Texas. Poet. Playwright. Researcher. Wearer of kilts--daily. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Race: HUMAN. Ethnicity: Irish, Native First Nations People. Lover of The Princess Bride! Hobbits and House Elves! Doctors..Whom? Just a Starseed Visitor to our Universe. Sojourner through many a Star Gate, from the Bridge of a Galaxy Cruiser or resting at an Alien Cantina! And all of these words add up to? SUPPORTER of CRHE! "ABdK--Learning For Life!" Aye, Capt. Rick. "Homeschooler--got your six!" ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž
Jill Papsdorf wrote on 3 December, 2016:
I am currently a homeschooling mom and support policies that would prevent abusers from taking advantage of the freedom of homeschooling in order to cover up abuse.
Kyra S. wrote on 2 December, 2016:
I got a good education from homeschooling, but lots of kids aren't so lucky. Some form of oversight is crucial.
Judy Conway wrote on 29 November, 2016:
In 2015 my grandson Adrian was murdered by his father (Mike Jones) and stepmother (Heather Jones). Mike and Heather were homeschooling Adrian, and homeschooling was one of the ways that Mike and Heather kept Adrian's abuse and torture from family. Adrian was 7 years old when his remains were discovered in a hog pen.
Rich Miller wrote on 11 November, 2016:
It looks like there's two sides to the homeschooling coin:advanced academia and control jockey/neglectful parents. I've gained some good insight from here, as I step forward into exploring home education for my future children. Mech. Engineering Tech-
Kate Jardine wrote on 11 October, 2016:
Thank you so much for your work. I was homeschooled K-12 in Canada, and while some of the experiences were positive, I feel my parents & my siblings could have been helped by some oversight. I am a very independent learner and managed to teach myself most subjects after Grade Six, but my siblings have major gaps and suffered. My adult sister "graduated" without any science, social studies, history, sex ed, just basic grade-school math and lots of religious studies. She didn't need anything else, since girls are going to be housewives. Thank you so much for raising awareness of this issue, and giving us alumni a safe place to actually share.
Sarah Kincheloe wrote on 11 October, 2016:
Kaylee Mock wrote on 6 October, 2016:
Tori wrote on 6 October, 2016:
Julia wrote on 5 October, 2016:
I support your work to put children's needs and education first, not an adults' need to use their children to serve their ego.
Sarah Meholick wrote on 10 September, 2016:
I am yet another homeschool alum who has seen the best and worst that homeschooling has to offer. The fact that homeschoolers don't have to give any kind of proof that they're educating their kids in most states, and that almost all states have loopholes and exceptions, is really troubling. Homeschooling can be an amazing tool and resource but how many kids fall through the cracks because their parents were at worst neglectful and abusive, or at best unprepared? We can, and should, be doing better.