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Art Guerra wrote on 5 April, 2017:
there HAS to be some scholastic accountability enacted in the state of Texas to prevent the educational neglect of children. I support responsible home schooling
Kathy Booker wrote on 5 April, 2017:
As a public school teacher, I have seen students "come back" from "home-schooling".... always behind...often illiterate. Children need protection from educational NEGLECT.
Heidi Schoonveld wrote on 5 April, 2017:
Rev. David Ketter wrote on 5 April, 2017:
As a pastor, homeschool alumnus, and educator at the college level, I've been a continual supporter of CRHE's mission to advocate for safe and quality education for students.
Kathy Booker wrote on 10 March, 2017:
I am a retired public school teacher of 30 years. Throughout those decades I never received a formerly "home-schooled" child who had truly been homeschooled. Also, as the mother of one son who failed to work in public school, I pulled him out and oversaw his work at home using Alpha-Omega's Switched-On-Schoolhouse program. Once he had completed the program, he passed the ACT without difficulty. I support MONITORED Pre and Post-tests for each school year for BOTH homeschooled and public schools for EVERY CHILD.
Jessica Bock wrote on 8 March, 2017:
I was homeschooled from 5-12 grade.I support accountability and a way to accurately measure the number of homeschooled students and how they are doing.
Lois Gemignani wrote on 5 March, 2017:
I support responsible homeschooling. I am a retired educator. I know many people who homeschool in a very responsible manner. I also have observed homeschoolers who were not homeschooling, but they said they were to avoid going to court for truancy issues. I read about this coalition in the Washington Post, and I am grateful for your work.
Nate Shivar wrote on 22 February, 2017:
I am so glad to find an organization fighting for responsible home education. As a homeschooler & homeschooling parent, I think that nothing will help raise the credibility, quality, equity & experience of all homeschoolers like quality research, oversight and regulatory standards.
Judy Conway wrote on 22 February, 2017:
The day before Thanksgiving 2015 I was notified that the remains of a child had been found in a shed at the home of Michael and Heather Jones of Kansas City, KS. That day my familyโ€™s world was forever turned upside. It took months to identify the remains of my youngest grandson, Adrian Jones, age 7. My grandson had been abused, tortured, and starved to death and his body fed to pigs by his father (Mike Jones) and stepmother (Heather Jones). Shortly after Adrianโ€™s death I started seeking answers. As Adrianโ€™s grandmother finding answers to how the system failed him has not been an easy endeavor. Mike and Heather used homeschooling as one of the ways to keep Adrian and his two sisters isolated. Kansas is a โ€œnotification onlyโ€ state, in which parents register the name and address of their homeschool with the State Board of Education. Thereafter there is...
Lydia Loehr wrote on 20 February, 2017:
I have six children, I homeschool 3 of them currently. The eldest is in high school and having a wonderful time. The youngest school aged child is attending school due to special needs. I appreciate the opportunity and option to homeschool. I also support quality public education. I strongly agree that homeschooling must be done responsibly and support CHREs recommendations. I think it is important for the credibility of the homeschool movement and more importantly, protects children.
Rebecca Billington wrote on 19 February, 2017:
I am a homeschooling mom and support and welcome homeschooling accountability to protect children from educational neglect.
Rebekah Tilley wrote on 4 February, 2017:
I'm a homeschooling graduate who supports homeschooling accountability.
Sarah Nguyen wrote on 27 January, 2017:
I am a homeschooling mother as well as a homeschool survivor. I am both an advocate of a parents rights to determine what they teach their children (and to what extent it is taught), as well as a victim of the gross abuse that often passes for homeschooling. I do think states should all require specific standards for homeschooling, but I also don't want to be told exactly which curriculum should be taught. Here in Missouri we are required to fulfill 1000 hrs in 5 core areas. I think this is a wonderful law, and would add to that yearly tests. The IOWA basic, for example, would suffice. Thank you for having the courage to demand accountability.
Christine Sheppard wrote on 27 January, 2017:
Religious freedoms are important, but not at the expense of children.
Robyn Knox wrote on 4 January, 2017:
I am a homeschooling mom of 4 and also a pastor's wife. I support and welcome accountability. Thank you.
Loura wrote on 6 December, 2016:
Captain Richard Arlington Briggs, Jr. wrote on 5 December, 2016:
Homeschooler Advocate. Champion. Dad. Clan Dad. Tribal Dad. Granddad. Theatre Arts teacher/facilitator. BSA Lone Scout Counselor. USA Rugby Youth Coach. 30 year US Army Airborne Special Operations Forces "guy" & Combat Veteran. Farmboy from Southeastern Iowa, now retired guy in Central Texas. Poet. Playwright. Researcher. Wearer of kilts--daily. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Race: HUMAN. Ethnicity: Irish, Native First Nations People. Lover of The Princess Bride! Hobbits and House Elves! Doctors..Whom? Just a Starseed Visitor to our Universe. Sojourner through many a Star Gate, from the Bridge of a Galaxy Cruiser or resting at an Alien Cantina! And all of these words add up to? SUPPORTER of CRHE! "ABdK--Learning For Life!" Aye, Capt. Rick. "Homeschooler--got your six!" ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž
Jill Papsdorf wrote on 3 December, 2016:
I am currently a homeschooling mom and support policies that would prevent abusers from taking advantage of the freedom of homeschooling in order to cover up abuse.
Kyra S. wrote on 2 December, 2016:
I got a good education from homeschooling, but lots of kids aren't so lucky. Some form of oversight is crucial.
Judy Conway wrote on 29 November, 2016:
In 2015 my grandson Adrian was murdered by his father (Mike Jones) and stepmother (Heather Jones). Mike and Heather were homeschooling Adrian, and homeschooling was one of the ways that Mike and Heather kept Adrian's abuse and torture from family. Adrian was 7 years old when his remains were discovered in a hog pen.
Rich Miller wrote on 11 November, 2016:
It looks like there's two sides to the homeschooling coin:advanced academia and control jockey/neglectful parents. I've gained some good insight from here, as I step forward into exploring home education for my future children. Mech. Engineering Tech-
Kate Jardine wrote on 11 October, 2016:
Thank you so much for your work. I was homeschooled K-12 in Canada, and while some of the experiences were positive, I feel my parents & my siblings could have been helped by some oversight. I am a very independent learner and managed to teach myself most subjects after Grade Six, but my siblings have major gaps and suffered. My adult sister "graduated" without any science, social studies, history, sex ed, just basic grade-school math and lots of religious studies. She didn't need anything else, since girls are going to be housewives. Thank you so much for raising awareness of this issue, and giving us alumni a safe place to actually share.
Sarah Kincheloe wrote on 11 October, 2016:
Kaylee Mock wrote on 6 October, 2016:
Tori wrote on 6 October, 2016:
Julia wrote on 5 October, 2016:
I support your work to put children's needs and education first, not an adults' need to use their children to serve their ego.
Sarah Meholick wrote on 10 September, 2016:
I am yet another homeschool alum who has seen the best and worst that homeschooling has to offer. The fact that homeschoolers don't have to give any kind of proof that they're educating their kids in most states, and that almost all states have loopholes and exceptions, is really troubling. Homeschooling can be an amazing tool and resource but how many kids fall through the cracks because their parents were at worst neglectful and abusive, or at best unprepared? We can, and should, be doing better.
Sasha wrote on 8 September, 2016:
Thank you for the work you are doing to bring attention to the issues of irresponsible homeschooling. A young relative of mine that I care about very much is currently suffering from severe educational neglect under the guise of her parents' religious beliefs. Her future is seriously being compromised by this negligence. It is painful to watch, but state officials cannot do anything if her parents claim they are homeschooling. Please continue this important work to help ensure a brighter future for these types of kids. Every child deserves a standard, quality education.
Rachel wrote on 24 August, 2016:
Finally, an advocate for US!
Faith Rochester wrote on 15 August, 2016:
As a graduate of homeschooling I've seen it done right and I've seen it done horribly wrong. I fully support oversight and accountability.
Natasha Carmona wrote on 15 August, 2016:
I support CRHE because I was homeschooled by an alcoholic convicted violent offender. Public schools prevent these folks from working with children but I was isolated with him having total control for months or years at a time. Insane that this is legal. Protect children. Protect children's rights.
Karen Boyd wrote on 12 August, 2016:
I am not sure homeschool moms ever retire :-), but my kids are grown and not longer live at home. But I was activly involved in the homeschool movement for 27 years as a parent and as a professional. I observed hundreds of homeschool programs. While I am usually against government intervention in our lives, I am convinced that some oversight is necessary to protect children. Even the Amish, who have won supreme court cases for religious freedom in education, must meet minimum requirements.
Meredith Lynn wrote on 11 August, 2016:
I live in Michigan, which has some of the most lax policies concerning homeschooling. I'm currently advocating for the passage of bills that would protect homeschooled students at risk. Homeschooling is a good option for children in supportive households, but there are a few parents who do not have good intentions, and it is necessary to have some oversight to protect all children.
Vanessa Sotelo wrote on 12 June, 2016:
I support homeschooling oversight. It is my first year and it has been refreshing finding this website. I am all for parents having to submit proof of vaccinations and also no registered sex offenders should ever be allowed to home educate. Homeschooling needs to happen with the focus of what is best for the child and the family as a whole, it can be a wonderful thing but doesn't need to be at all costs, no matter what because the one who is affected in the end is the child.
Katherine Andrews wrote on 14 May, 2016:
Hoorah for supporting accountability in Homeschooling!!!
Wilma wrote on 5 May, 2016:
Reinforce mandatory background check of a guardian or parent in all states before a child is homeschooled.
Aaron F Whitley wrote on 6 April, 2016:
I've seen it done right and a whole lot of it done wrong. The best outcomes were always when the parents worked hand in hand with educators and local officials to ensure their children got the best education possible.
Marie Potempski wrote on 4 April, 2016:
It is important as a Homeschooling mother to be well balanced. Eat nutritionally, be active in a gym or some sort of fitness, have an interest for yourself for personal development. If you try homeschooling and it does not work for you, it doesn't' mean you failed it means you tried and were humble enough to realize it wasn't working out for you. Don't homeschool out of fear of this world and society do it because it is the right thing to do and not because of paranoid beliefs. Make sure you are well adjusted psychologically before you take the leap. Don't isolate your children get involved. We love homeschooling but every year we offer it to the Lord and if this is His Will for the next year we do it again. Be confident, be brave and be faith-filled in this initiative. Be kind to yourself and your children!...
Jessa B. wrote on 28 March, 2016:
As former alumni of a less-than-ideal situation, I am deeply grateful for the balanced, informed leadership CRHE is providing on these critical topics.
Elizabeth Rogers wrote on 19 February, 2016:
I support homeschool oversight!
Jason T wrote on 14 February, 2016:
As a former child of educational neglect, it brings me great joy to discover that organizations like CRHE exist and are working to ensure that every child receives the quality education they deserve.
WilliamRit wrote on 18 November, 2015:
Chloe Anderson wrote on 11 November, 2015:
My parents homeschooled me and my siblings K-12, but they always taught us that education needed to be about the kids and what they need. I support CRHE because I agree with my parents, that every child deserves a real education. I support CRHE because daughters deserve the same education as sons, whether they go on to be a homeschool mom or a CEO. I support CRHE because I believe that the homeschooling community needs to take care of its own children by actively defending and maintaining safe and sufficient places of learning for every student who receives a home education.
Julie Anne Smith wrote on 10 November, 2015:
I homeschooled my children for 23 years. It worked well for my family; however, not every child is so fortunate. Not all parents are responsible to educate their children. We are now seeing a whole generation of homeschool alumni sharing their experiences. Some are reporting abuses they experienced as children: identity abuse, medical neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, educational neglect, etc. Even worse, some parents have made the choice to "homeschool" their children knowing there is little oversight. For some, homeschooling has become the vehicle by which abusers can continue abusing their children for years. We must do a better job ensuring that all children who are homeschooled are being taught, are cared for, and are safe. I wholeheartedly support CRHE's mission.
Amanda wrote on 10 November, 2015:
As a homeschool graduate I support CRHE. I recognize that homeschooling is a tool that when done right can enhance a child's educational experience. Sadly, however that's not always the case. It saddens me to think there could be Homeschooled children that are falling through the cracks. Because of this I support CRHE efforts in making homeschooling a safe, and healthy environment for all children.
Margaret Bad Warrior wrote on 10 November, 2015:
Homeschooling is for the children, and homeschools that hurts children are not justifiable. Responsible oversight which fosters creativity and excellence is welcome and needed. Our homeschool supports CRHE.
Sarah Roorda wrote on 10 November, 2015:
I support and believe in homeschooling. I also believe that children deserve to be protected from abuse and neglect wherever it happens.
Scarlettah wrote on 16 September, 2015:
As a homeschool alum who has been able to succeed academically, I've been crushed to learn about the abuses and neglect that occurred amongst my own friends while we were growing up in a completely deregulated state. I support CRHE's efforts to identify smart, targeted solutions to help prevent kids like these from falling through the cracks.
Lara Littlefield wrote on 7 August, 2015:
Every child deserves an equal chance at the best education possible. This work is so important as homeschooling interest grows in the United States. Thank you for all that you do!
Rebecca Wescott wrote on 4 August, 2015:
As a homeschool alumna who was homeschooled from grades 1-12, and as a mother of two, I support the regulation of homeschooling. I believe common sense regulation will help homeschooling remain an option to dedicated families while preventing many abusive and/or neglectful situations. Every child deserves an education, and parents' work needs an occasional check just like other teachers do.
Alisa Harris wrote on 4 August, 2015:
I believe that every homeschooled child should feel safe, be educated, and have access to the resources they need to be healthy and thrive. Reasonable oversight can help prevent abuse and neglect.
Karen Goltz wrote on 2 August, 2015:
As a homeschooling mom and the wife of a homeschool graduate, I recognize that homeschooling is a tool that can enrich or hamper a child's future. With so little oversight too many homeschooling parents 'go it alone' either by choice or by lack of support, and as a result too many kids fall through the cracks. CHRE is a good step towards ensuring that the parents are supported and the children are protected.
Giselle wrote on 31 July, 2015:
As a homeschool graduate who went on to become a public school teacher with a master's degree in education, I wholeheartedly support CRHE. Homeschooling can be a great option, especially for kids who don't "fit" with the traditional education model. However, every child deserves an awesome education in a positive, safe environment. It's very possible for homeschooled students to suffer abuse and neglect without anyone noticing or speaking up to protect them. This is why I joined CRHE as a board member: to help protect the interests of every homeschooled child and speak up for those who may not be able to speak up for themselves.
Benjamin Allen wrote on 31 July, 2015:
The most likely person or persons to abuse a child is the person they trust most, and those who hold their rights, futures, and in fact very lives in trust. If we allow homeschooling to exist, we as a society must ensure that it does not become a means by which those who would abuse or neglect their children can hide. As a result, I support the CRHE and its efforts.
Megan Maguire wrote on 31 July, 2015:
Homeschooling is an excellent education option. However, its current lack of regulation and oversight means that there are few safeguards in place to ensure that homeschooled children aren't suffering from educational neglect or other abuse. CRHE does an excellent job helping to ensure that homeschooling is used as the great alternative education option that it was intended to be.
Jeremy wrote on 15 July, 2015:
CRHE is doing vital work to protect abused homeschooled children, one of the most forgotten and vulnerable populations in America. I am proud to support CRHE's efforts to make every homeschooling environment a healthy environment.
Chelsea wrote on 15 July, 2015:
My homeschooled family members and friends deserve the same opportunities as other kids.
Kathryn Brightbill wrote on 15 July, 2015:
As a CRHE board member and homeschool alumnus, I support CRHE because every child deserves an education.
Philip wrote on 15 July, 2015:
My parents were very good to me, but I am responding out of grief for what happened to my peers. Many of them did not take the PSAT, SAT, or ACT, and still cannot find work or get a college education. Their parents thought it didn't matter, and privileged religious indoctrination and practical skills over "book-learnin'," robbing their children of a productive future. Girls I knew were told they would only ever be homemakers, and many received effectively no high school teaching. They were lucky if they got Consumer Maths and literature. Deceptive reporting, or total failure to report by their parents, meant they were cheated out of schooling the state of New York legally mandates, and they also are unemployable and struggling to find menial minimum-wage type work. Worst of all were the families where the parents were mentally ill, or psychopathic, and neglected their children or physically and/or...
Holly wrote on 15 July, 2015:
I support CRHE because I believe homeschooling can be done well. I know CRHE stands for children and for their right to an education.
Rachel Coleman wrote on 15 July, 2015:
As a homeschool alumni (and CRHE board member and ED), I support homeschooled students' interest in a good education and a safe home environment. ๐Ÿ™‚
Alex King wrote on 15 July, 2015:
Kierstyn King wrote on 6 July, 2015:
Because everyone deserves a good education, and homeschooled kids deserve to be advocated for; which is why I joined CRHE (board member, Tech Director).

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